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Get a Collection of Premium Quality Handmade Damascus Steel Knives

Whether you need a Damascus kitchen knife or a skinning knife, we’ve got you covered! Unholy Blades guarantees to provide the finest quality Damascus steel knives with the option of free delivery to the USA and Canada.

So, contact us to place your order today and get high-quality products.

Why Is Unholy Blades The Right Choice For You?

Unholy Blades invests effort and time in making premium quality hand-forged Damascus steel knives, offering one-of-a-kind designs to deliver top-tier products to our customers.

Thus, you can always count on us whether you want a sterling handmade Damascus bowie knife or a collection of other knives – we never compromise on the quality and ensure an excellent customer experience. Drop us your query; Unholy Blades is available 24/7 to assist you.

Furthermore, if you can't find anything of your choice from our Damascus steel knife collection available on our website, let us know – we will be glad to guide you. Rest assured; you will leave with a Damascus steel knife you absolutely love!

History of Damascus Steel

Damascus swords and knives were historically forged using ingots of wootz steel from India and Sri Lanka. The main characteristics of these blades were their unique water flow pattern, strength, and sharpness. These Damascus knives and swords were a game-changer of their era, and their popularity spread across countries.

Historical mentions of this type of steel have given rise to many legends relating to its strength and sharpness. However, since either the wootz ores depleted or the technique was lost, we no longer have access to the original methods and resources. This brings much mystery and interest surrounding Damascus steel knives, and today, multiple cultural references link to Damascus. For example, the exceptionally strong Valayrian steel in the Song and Fire series (and the Game of Thrones franchise) seems to be inspired by Damascus.

In this modern age, the pattern-welding method is the widely accepted technique to develop hand-forged Damascus knives since we no longer have the wootz ore to produce the original. The method involves forging a blade using several types of metal and steel slices into a billet, which is drawn out and folded many times until the desired number of layers has been achieved. This folding technique gives the knives the characteristic flowy pattern of Damascus steel.

Damascus Knives for a Hunter

Damascus knives make a great gift for a hunter. The blade retains its edge in harsh conditions when others have to be whetted time and again to continue being useful. But with Damascus steel knives, hunting in all weather conditions becomes easier!

Damascus Knives for a Gourmet Chef

Damascus knives are great for professional chefs who enjoy preparing food with care and finesse. No two-penny tools for these artists! From skinning knives to help you work with fish to complete kitchen sets to help you with everything else, we have a complete collection of Damascus steel knives that you and the chefs in your life will be happy to own and use for a long time.

Damascus Steel Knife for a Collector

Damascus knives look great with their unique patterns, so we went all-out and created a limited edition section where we used the most premium-quality materials like stag and buffalo bone and paired it with hand-carved embellishments. Take a look and make your pick!

Purchase from Our Collection of Hand-Forged Damascus Knives

We house premium quality Damascus steel Bowie knives, skinning knives, and hunting knives, among others. All our products are hand-forged using the 1095 and 15N20 steel and have a hardness rating in the Rockwell range of 56-58. Due to the pattern-welding process, each of our products is one-of-a-kind. Makes for the perfect gift—for yourself or someone else!

For hunters in Canada and USA, Unholy Blades offers free shipping! Check out our collection and purchase a Damascus steel knife you like.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Damascus is considered the best among all due to its outstanding blade features, such as strength and durability, which also offer good flexibility for cutting skills. The blend of metals makes micro-serrations on its edge that keep these Damascus steel knives incredibly sharp.

Due to its hardness, flexibility, and ability to keep an edge sharp, the Damascus steel blade is highly valued. It has high-carbon steel ideal for Kitchen, Bowie, Hunting, and other Damascus knives. If you are looking for high-quality Damascus knives, contact Unholy Blades today.

Damascus steel knives are durable but are more prone to rust since they are constructed of high-carbon steel. Therefore, these blades must be washed and dried after every use to avoid rust caused by iron-oxidizing from extended contact with moisture.

Beyond their elegance, Damascus knives are special due to their ability to keep their edge. Knives made of Damascus can maintain a sharp edge longer than other knives.

For further details, you can contact our team at any hour.

Unholy Blades has a collection of high-quality Damascus blades knives, including:

1) Damascus Skinning Knives
2) Damascus Hunting Knives
3) Damascus Bowie Knives
4) Damascus kitchen knives
5) Damascus throwing knives
6) Damascus engraved knives
7) Damascus folding knives and more

Connect with us to get any Damascus knife at
affordable prices.