About Us

Why shop with Unholy Blades?

Unholy Blades is an online store based in Toronto where you can find razor sharp hand-forged knives made from Damascus steel. We are a family owned business and take pride in our craft.

Our blades are hand-forged, combining 1095 steel and 15N20 steel made for practical use.

All of our blades are tempered and the hardness of the blades are rated at 56 to 58 HRC on the Rockwell scale which holds the sharpness for a significant amount of time.

Every knife is meticulously made by hand with simple tools and impeccable attention to detail. No knife is the same as they are intended to be unique to their owner.

Due to the careful timely construction of each knife, we only keep a small supply of each type.

Whether you're shopping for yourself, or perhaps someone who's hard to buy for, we've got you covered! Our knives are unique and make a great gift.