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Damascus Throwing Knife

9 Inch Damascus Steel throwing Knife with Genuine Cowhide Leather

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Damascus Throwing Knife

Damascus Throwing Knife with Raindrop Pattern

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Custom Handmade Damascus Steel throwing knife with Twist Pattern

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Exceptional Throwing Knives for Target Dominance!

Damascus steel has long been appreciated in the bladesmithing industry for its extraordinary strength, edge, and distinctive appearance. With the use of this ancient metalworking technique, various kinds of steel are layered to create a blade with unique patterns, producing a weapon that is both strong and artistic. Using the same technique, the Damascus throwing knife, an enthralling blend of history and modern functionality, is made.

The balanced weight and aerodynamic design make it a valuable tool among those who enjoy the challenge and accuracy of throwing. Unholy Blades' hand-forged throwing knives are made with great care and attention to detail, making them unique among other edged weapons.

Every knife in our collection showcases the talent and commitment of our artisans. The appealing designs draw attention to each knife, in addition to depicting the uniqueness of Damascus steel.

Regardless of your experience level and personal preferences, we have a collection of high-quality Damascus throwing knives sets to accommodate both beginners and expert throwers. Not only does Unholy Blades offer throwing knives, but it also boasts a centuries-old tradition of master craftsmanship. Because of our dedication to quality, every Damascus throwing knife is a reliable and long-lasting companion that can withstand the rigors of your throwing sessions.

Your search for the best ‘throwing knives near me’ ends here—as we have the perfect collection to meet your needs present on our website. Explore now!

The Centuries-Old History of Throwing Knives

Throwing knives have their roots in prehistoric times when humans used to kill birds and other animals with throwing sticks. The throwing stick, which is regarded as one of the earliest weapons ever made by humans, was Tutankhamun's go-to weapon in Egypt in 1300 B.C.

Another early stick used for throwing was the boomerang, which the Australian Aborigines utilized. These big, blunt objects were hurled short distances towards wallabies and kangaroos. The throwing stick did not really transform into the throwing knife until metallurgy gained prominence.

As a significant component of weaponry during the Middle Ages, these knives found recognition across regions through trade routes. Due to their aerodynamic design and balanced weight, Damascus throwing knives have been adopted by the ancient knife-throwing tradition.

Today, the modern resurgence in their popularity is evident, and Unholy Blades is spearheading the effort to keep the tradition alive. Unholy Blades ensures the continued relevance of Damascus throwing knives in the world of edged weapons by fusing traditional craftsmanship with modern design, inviting enthusiasts to engage with the rich historical tapestry of these weapons.

In search of a trustworthy platform for your purchase? Unholy Blades sets the standard for reliability and excellence in custom throwing knives—visit our site now.

What To Look for When Buying Professional Throwing Knives?

There are some crucial factors that you must consider before buying professional throwing knives, including:

Material And Construction

The knife's composition of premium materials like carbon steel or stainless steel is what makes it a unique piece for buyers. To ensure longevity, check the construction is solid and resistant to wear.

Blade Design

The blade design in relation to your throwing style is crucial to consider. There are benefits to balanced, blade-heavy, and handle-heavy designs. Opt for the one that best suits your needs and ability level.

Weight Distribution

Examine the knife's total weight. Your throwing technique should be supported by the weight distribution, which will enhance control and accuracy. We have professional throwing knives for sale—see now!

Handle Creation

Consider the construction of the handle to ensure a comfortable grip. When throwing, materials with a robust grip, such as rubber or paracord, improve control and precision.

Purpose and Proficiency Level

Keep in mind your skill level and the intended use of the throwing knives. Make decisions carefully because various types of throwing knives are made for particular uses.

Best Throwing Knives for Different Skill Levels

Not able to find the ideal knife for your needs? We have the best-throwing knives suited to your skill level.

It's crucial to keep in mind that the ideal throwing knife for you will rely on your own preferences, skill level, and throwing method. Additionally, it's essential to spend money on good throwing knives made especially for throwing, as standard knives can not be appropriate or even harmful to use.

The Highlanders for Beginners

The Highlander is an excellent choice for beginner throwers. This knife is made especially for competitive use; it has a broad profile that makes it easier to put in the target with good coverage and a sturdy steel frame. This big throwing knives’ design is smoother than many others, and they have distinctly wide blades as well.

The Toro Muerto for Casual Throwers

For individuals looking for a robust and affordable knife for everyday use, Toro Muerto is an excellent choice. This knife features a broad head that is meant to endure frequent usage and a sturdy, long-lasting steel frame.

The Barbarian for Venues

The Barbarian is a great option for the venue’s house-throwing knife because of its distinctive durability design. This indicates that it is made to resist any misuse that beginner throwers may inflict upon it. These professional throwing knives have a diamond pattern akin to that of the Sparrowhawk from the Birds of Prey series. Still, they are made very differently, with sharper edges and significantly heavier blades.

The Blackhawk for Target Coverage

This knife has the name of its namesake, the common Black Hawk (Buteogallus Anthracinus), and it is as broad as its wingspan. This huge knife is made with a modified clip-point blade type. Due to the target coverage the knife's tip provides, it is the preferred choice. The target for these throwing knives is easy to capture.

The Merlin for Precision Throwing

The Merlin has the same name as the falcon. Similar to this highly esteemed bird, the weight distribution of the Merlin makes it one of the most balanced knives in the lineup and comfortable to use. With the right spin, the needlepoint-styled tip provides maximum penetration into the wood and great accuracy. The best wood for throwing knives is used in it.

The Phoenix for Single Rotation

The fiery bird that appears in the myths of many different cultures is the inspiration behind the name of the Phoenix, not a traditional bird of prey. With a slightly larger profile and a little bit more weight, this knife is quite similar to the Merlin. Expert knife throwers are aware that even minute variations result in distinct throws. Because of its small outcurve, this blade covers more surface area on the boards.

Other than these throwing knives, you can also find an amazing collection of full-tang knives on our website.

Use And Care for Our Throwing Knives for Sale

Knives can dull quickly because throwing one at a target involves the blade coming into touch with a lot of friction. Our best-throwing knives hold their edge longer, which makes them an excellent option. But, to protect your Damascus throwing knives from friction abuse, always select soft targets made especially for practicing knife throwing.

Still Browsing ‘The Perfect Throwing Knives Near Me’?

Well, your search for ‘the perfect throwing knives near me’ must stop here—as at Unholy Blades, we aim to provide you with the best Damascus throwing knives. Our dedication to excellence in craftsmanship, quality, and client satisfaction is unparalleled, and we ensure that we deliver products that are beyond exceptional.

Our hand forged throwing knives are made to fit your demands. Develop your abilities, add to your collection, and experience the accuracy and precision of Unholy Blades—visit our site to find the best huge, broad, or even small throwing knives for your needs.

If you want other knives than this, you can view our entire collection of Damascus knives. We also have fantastic Damascus folding, skinning, and hunting knives—take a look!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is special about a throwing knife?

Damascus throwing knives are different from other categories as they are specifically designed and weighted to be thrown at targets. They come in different shapes, sizes, and weight distribution depending on the throwing technique to be used by the owner.

2. How To Throw Throwing Knives?

The first step in throwing knives is to choose the right knife by considering its weight and design. Adopt a steady grip and a balanced posture, and try different distances from the target. Concentrate on developing a fluid release and rotation.

For beginners, start with a no-spin method and work your way up to spin techniques. To become proficient at throwing knives, you must have patience, a relaxed grip, and consistent practice. With time, you will gain accuracy and precision.

3. How To Use Throwing Knives?

Choosing knives that are appropriate for your skill level, being aware of their balance, and assuming the correct throwing stance are all necessary for proficient knife use. As your skills develop, increase the distance you throw by starting small and maintaining a continuous motion. Put safety first by creating a safe space for throwing and making sure viewers are kept a safe distance away.

You can become more proficient at throwing knives for leisure or sporting purposes with regular practice. And to buy the best and most professional throwing knives, you can always count us in!

4. How To Sharpen Throwing Knives?

Securing the knife and using a whetstone or knife sharpener will help to sharpen throwing knives. Keep the angle constant, around 20 degrees, while you move the blade over the sharpening surface. Test by running your thumb along the blade after repeating on both sides until it is sharp.

5. Where Can I Buy Throwing Knives?

If you're in search of exceptional throwing knives, look no further than Unholy Blades. We have a collection of throwing knives catering to all skill levels. Explore our website to purchase these premium throwing knives that best suit your needs and taste.

6. What Are the Best Throwing Knives?

The best throwing knives vary depending on individual tastes and needs. Look for knives with a well-balanced construction, an appropriate weight distribution, and robust materials like premium carbon steel or stainless steel. Think about your throwing technique while selecting knives, whether it be spin or no spin.

7. How to make throwing knives?

If you’re a DIYer handy with tools, you can make your own throwing knives using some steel, a template, and tools. However, if you want Damascus throwing knives, you’ll need a professional. Check out our hand-crafted range!

The best throwing knives are ultimately ones that fit your throwing style, skills, and level of satisfaction with overall performance. We have excellent quality hand forged throwing knives—why not take a look at them?