Ultimate Campfire Companions: Top Camping Knives for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Ultimate Campfire Companions: Top Camping Knives for Outdoor Enthusiasts

With the usual routine life in urban cities, everyone gets bored quickly. To kill off this boredom, all of us like to have adventures in areas full of natural life. Spending time in the forests, and mountains brings the energy back into our lives. To spend time in these areas, we need to be good at camping. For this purpose, it is necessary to have top knives for camping.

From firing starting to food preparation, these gears will serve you very well. If used with care, the knives will last you for years to come. In this article, we will give you insight about each and everything you want to know about the best camping knives.

Best Camping Knives

To pick your desired knife, it is better to know first what is your desired use. You can use from a simple pocket-style knife to the more heavy blade to serve your purpose. It is all up to your choice and preference. The more important aspect is what style of camping you are going for. In this part of our guide, we will give you details about the best camping knives around. We have heavily focused on the USA market for this purpose. Here we go:

Benchmade Bushcrafter

Benchmade Bushcrafter is our top recommendation for camping. The blade is top-notch and easily splits any kind of wood in no time. You can also do the testing on cardboard. Normally cardboard gets any blade dull quickly. But this is not the case with our smart benchmade bushcrafter.

The price of $300 might look a bit on the higher side, but the utility that the knife provides makes up for it. The leather sheath is amazing. Overall it is great stuff for camping. Its utility lies in its robustness. It is highly durable and doesn't get wear and tear despite being put into tough situations.

The Fixed blade camping knife has blade material made of CPM S-30V Steel it is a top choice indeed. The blade length is 4.40’’, and the overall length is 9.15’’. The ergonomics is top-notch and gives a great balance.

Morakniv Kansbol

If you are looking for a camping knife on a budget, then Morakniv Kansbol is an amazing option at the budgeted price. It brings great utility and it is robust even with a relatively lower quality steel blade. It is no doubt a great pick for anyone going for the camping activities. The knife has an awesome grip despite being on a low budget.

Overall it brings amazing utility. Everyone on your camping team should keep it in their gearbox. It is at a real thrifty price. Even if it is lost during your camping trip, you won’t regret it.

It is a fixed blade knife. The blade material is Swedish 12CR27 Stainless. The Blade length is 4.29’’ and the overall length is 9’’.

CRKT Minimalist Drop Point

If you are looking for something that is too small and lightweight, the 1.8-ounce and 5.25-inch long CRKT minimalist is an amazing choice. It is the smallest full tang stuff you can get and that too at just $40. The blade is hardly two inches, but it is powerful and useful. It serves great while doing food preparation, slicing tasks, and some other handy tasks on a camping trip.

The best part is that it can be bought in 2 types of steel. The 154 CM or 5CR15MOV Steel. You can pick the one that is as per your requirements and comes under your budget. The large hand users might find it odd as it has a just three-finger grip. But overall it is a great option for the fans of full tang knives.

Benchmade Bug Out

It is highly recommended as the best hiking knife. The $180 price knife has all the attributes that make it the top choice as the best backpacking knife. The classic drop point blade will make you feel at ease and do all your camping tasks efficiently.

It has an impressive blade length-to-weight ratio. The 1.8 Oz weight and the 3.25’’ blade length make it a popular choice. The blade material of CPM-S30V is top-notch. Similarly, the fiber glass reinforced nylon handle adds more value to this amazing knife.

Best Camp Knife from the Unholy Blades

Damascus Steel Handmade Karambit Knife

Our best camp knife pick from the Unholy Blades is the Damascus Steel Handmade Karambit Knife. It is a lightweight stuff with just 171 gm. The overall length is 7.5’’, and the blade length is just 3.5’’.

It is tailor-made for the camping activities. The blade is sharp, and able to do food preparation, slicing, and other camp-related tasks with great convenience. The walnut wood handle, and genuine cowhide leather material, make it a top choice for everyone going on a camping adventure.

Tips for picking the Best Camp Knife

We are sharing some valuable tips that will help you in picking your best camp knife. We will explain in detail about what to look for in a good camping knife.

Know the purpose

You should be clear about the purpose your camping knife will serve. Are you looking for just food preparation, cutting, slicing, chopping, or some other tougher tasks as well? The knife selection solely depends on the task you are going to perform and your personal choice and preference.

Blade Type

Consider the different blade types available. The drop point or clip point is highly recommended for camping lovers.

Blade Length

While picking up your camp knife, it is important to consider the blade length. Normally a 3 to 5-inch blade is ideal for camping purposes.

Handle Material

The handle material choice is important when choosing your camping knife. Look for handles that work well in wet conditions and tough environments. You can pick from wood, rubber, or G-10-made handles.

Similarly, the ergonomics are important. The handle should have great grip and balance to avoid any hand injury.

Tang Type

The choice of Tang type is important. Full tang type is recommended as they are robust and durable as the blade is extended to the whole knife. The half or partial tang is found less durable and strong.


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