What Knife Does the Military Use – An Inside Look

What Knife Does the Military Use – An Inside Look

What Knife Does the Army Use? – An Inside Look

In today’s life, where instruments and tools have made life easier, knives have become a crucial part of the cook, hunter, army person, or anyone who is ready to take challenges, like cooking a steak or killing an opponent. You probably know about the knives that hunters or home cooks use, but often, do you know what knife does the army use?

The military serves an essential job, so having a knife is essential for them. For this reason, they always pick reliable and sturdy pocket knives. A pocket knife is necessary for the military because it is lightweight and easy to carry.

Now that you have a basic knowledge of what knife does the US Army use? So further, we will discuss why a pocket or folding knife is the army's preferred knife. Have a look!


Why Military Prefer Pocket Knives?

A pocket knife serves as a symbolic tool for US Special Forces or even the Canadian military. It comes in a range of shapes and designs, resembling a tactical knife. These little knives, intended for general and self-defense use, offer excellent value for the money.

The pocket knives are basic but effective, and due to their crucial role as folding and fixed blade knives, they are issued specifically for the armed forces. These folding knives include one or two blades that are easily tucked into the handle.

The military pocket knives are incredibly flexible and necessary to bring when camping in the woods since they allow armed people to cut ropes as an escape and protect them.

What Pocket Knife Does the Military Use?

What knife does the army use? This question can’t be answered without knowing the types of pocket or folding knives. Therefore, to solve this mystery, here are the three crucial types.

  1. Traditional

    Back then, pocket knives were employed for various tasks, including tending to calves in the field and slicing apples for lunch. They needed to be strong, resilient, and slim enough to fit in the owner's pants' front pocket.

    These everyday ancestral objects are made with traditional design elements like bone handles and polished blades. However, they are probably not what you want in a military knife. So, the question ‘What pocket knife does the military use?’ is still there.

  2. Tactical

    Modern pocket or folding knives come in a wide range, of which one is tactical. Damascus Steel Tactical knives are strong enough to cut through dense underbrush and sharp enough to slice through anything from 550 ropes to MRE wrappers.

    Always look for five-inch or smaller blades, both with and without serration. Most provide some corrosion protection directly in the materials or by a coating. Tactical knives are the best and most durable ones – the US and Canadian Special Forces prefer using them.

  3. Spring-Assisted

    Several knives made for military use include a mechanism that enables one-handed opening and standard tactical abilities. Instead of the standard wrist flick you're probably used to; some spring-assisted blades can be opened by pressing a button. Either, these aren't switchblades.

    Even though it's never a bad idea to look into local knife regulations, there's a good chance this particular blade won't because you any trouble.

    Now you have an answer: 'What knives do the military use?’ It’s definitely a tactical or spring-assisted one.

Features of a Perfect Folding Knife

The Canadian and US military pocket knife comes with several features, some of which are:

  • Serrated-Edged Knives

    Knives with serrated edges make good survival weapons. They are a series of tiny blades created by carving a tooth-like edge into a knife's blade.

    The serrated knife is helpful for cutting through thick ropes, dressing animals, slicing through solid objects, and other tasks. They can also easily cut nylon webbing and carbon materials (such as metal seals, zip ties, and paracords).

  • Profile of a Flat Grind

    The flat-ground or "V ground" blade is one of the most basic edge types. Both sides of a flat-ground blade taper as they approach one another at a constant angle from the backbone to the edges, where they meet. These pocket knives are considered perfect for food preparation as military people usually have to cook for themselves.

  • The Knife's Size

    The hard-use folding knife is the perfect thing to carry in settings where discretion is essential due to its small size and lightweight. You won't have to worry about strength, flexibility, or edge preservation because they are manufactured of premium steel.

    Depending on the manufacturer, they may be just as durable as a larger knife, provided you don't try to use them for tasks that aren't weight-related.

  • Other Essential Features

    • Handy: Simple and secure to use
    • Compact: Easily slip into a pocket
    • High-strength: Ensure maximum functionality and satisfaction
    • Ergonomic design: Ideal for demanding tasks

    These pocket knives were precision manufactured and designed with high-quality materials for various uses, from cutting twine and opening envelopes to self-defense. So, it is no more a mystery that ‘what knife does the military use?’

Final Takeaway! 

The fixed blade and folding knives provided to the military serve an extremely significant function. When utilizing a knife, they need a sturdy and reliable blade.

Most people within USA and Canada are drawn to American military knives and frequently search online ‘what knife does the army use?’ Well, we have already unveiled it!

Now the next hurdle is to find the place where you can get the excellent pocket knife that the military use – it is no big challenge. Unholy Blades has the best collection of pocket or folding knives. So, to find the perfect match, Visit us for more!


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