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Damascus Hunting knife

Handmade Damascus Steel Fire Pattern With Stag Crown Handle

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$249.00 CAD
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Damascus Steel Hand Forged Hunting Knife

Damascus Steel Hand Forged Hunting Knife

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Handmade Carbon Steel Hunting Knife With Stag Handle

Handmade Carbon Steel Hunting Knife With Stag Handle

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Exclusive Hunting Knives for Every Adventure

Damascus hunting knives stand out as exquisite pieces that seamlessly combine artistry with functionality. These knives are well-known for their exceptional durability and distinctive visual appeal, tributing to the ancient art of craftsmanship. The distinctive patterns on the blade are the result of a laborious procedure that involves precisely heating and bending several layers of steel and iron after they have been forged. This process creates a strong, reliable blade with an appealing twisted and wavy design, making each Damascus hunting knife a unique work of art.

Expert craftsmanship and premium materials result in blades with outstanding sharpness, edge retention, and durability. These top hunting knives are precise instruments designed for camping and hunting. Every Damascus knife is unique because of its fine blade details, so both outdoor enthusiasts and collectors can enjoy the distinctiveness of their valuable possessions.

If you're looking to buy the best hunting knives, visit Unholy Blades online today! We are proud to offer hand-forged Damascus hunting knives, which are renowned for their remarkable sturdiness and distinctive artistry.

The Reliable Hunting Knives for Outdoors

A reliable hunting knife is essential for outdoor adventures. Here are the reasons why a hunting knife is a good companion for you.

Types of Hunting Knives


As the hunting knives are made of premium materials like high-carbon stainless steel, they are well-known for their incredible durability. The sturdy construction and longevity ensure that the knife remains reliable and robust even in challenging environments.


With several blade designs, such as skinning, clip-point, and drop-point, good hunting knives are extremely adaptable gear for outdoor activities. Due to their versatility, they can be used for field dressing games, cooking, and building shelters.


Damascus hunting knives are handy accessories for outdoor enthusiasts due to their compact and portable design. They are easily carried around on camping holidays, hunting excursions, or trekking activities due to their lightweight design.

Design Ergonomic

Hunting knives are made with ergonomic handles that offer a pleasant and stable grip, all while keeping the comfort of the user in mind. This guarantees that even during extended outdoor activities, users may operate the knife with efficiency and precision.

Multipurpose Application

Hunting knives are multipurpose tools that reduce the need to carry around a variety of specialized gear. Because of their versatility in cutting, slicing, and even first aid activities, they offer a one-stop shop for all outdoor needs.

Dependable in Diverse Situations

Knives used in hunting are made especially to survive in a range of outdoor conditions. Their sturdy design guarantees their dependability in various environmental circumstances, including snow, rain, and extremely high or low temperatures.

Unholy Blades’ Different Damascus Hunting Knife

Various types of hunting knives combine functionality and the classic appeal of Damascus steel patterns to suit a wide range of preferences and purposes—see what type can be a good match for your hunting trip.

Folding Knife

The Damascus folding knife blends the functionality of a folding design with the elegance of Damascus steel, providing portability and ease. These high-quality hunting knives are small in size and ideal for daily use.

Clip Point Knife

The Damascus clip-point knife has a sharp, clipped edge that makes it perfect for fine-cutting and piercing tasks. This design is a favorite among collectors and outdoor enthusiasts because it brings elegance with usefulness.

Drop-Point Knife

Because of its adaptability, the drop-point Damascus hunting knife is a popular option. It is ideal for both camping and hunting because of its lowered tip and slightly curved blade, which make it an excellent tool for various outdoor tasks.

Tanto Knife

Damascus tanto knives have a sharp, angular point on a straight edge, inspired by ancient Japanese blades. This design gives the knife outstanding strength for piercing tasks and a distinctive look.

Gut Hook

The Damascus gut hook knife is designed with a specific hook on the blade, making it ideal for hunters who desire both efficiency and style. This hook is useful for precisely field-dressing animals.

Tracker Knife

The Damascus tracker knife has a unique, multifunctional design that frequently includes a straight edge, curved blade, and serrated area. These deer hunting knives' adaptability makes them ideal for a range of outdoor tasks, such as slicing, carving, and chopping.

The Enduring Durability of Fixed-Blade Hunting Knives

The Damascus hunting knife, with its fixed blade, is an essential tool intended to provide rugged reliability. Because of its fixed blade and robust design, which provide maximum strength and stability, it is the go-to choice for hunters who value field longevity. The Damascus steel patterns enhance its functionalities and make it a visually striking addition to any collection.

Fixed-blade hunting knives, which are made from premium materials like carbon steel or stainless steel, offer outstanding corrosion resistance and edge retention, guaranteeing their dependability and sharpness even in demanding conditions.

One of the key advantages of bear hunting knives with fixed blades is their simplicity and ease of maintenance. Because they don't have any moving parts, they are less likely to break down mechanically, which makes them trustworthy hunting companions. Additionally, the lack of a folding mechanism adds strength, enabling users to apply greater power without worrying about the stability of the structure.

The design frequently has a full-tang, in which the blade extends through the handle to increase strength and stability. This feature strengthens the knife's toughness and keeps it from breaking, making it especially useful for heavy-duty tasks.

At Unholy Blades, we offer a collection of exceptional fixed-blade hunting knives, each meticulously crafted from high-quality materials to ensure longevity and performance. Explore our website to find the best full-tang knives for your outdoor needs.

Equip Yourself with Excellent Custom Hunting Knives Set

For those looking for a complete hunting solution, a custom hunting knife set is the best option. Different hunting knife sets are available at Unholy Blades to suit a range of requirements and preferences. Every set is thoughtfully assembled with a variety of blades, so you will always have the appropriate tool for every hunting duty.

Our custom hunting knives are made to go with you on your outdoor excursions, offering dependability and versatility when required. Browse our selection and upgrade your hunting equipment with a set of Unholy Blades' finely designed hunting knives.

Premium Quality Hunting Knives for Sale

Our craft is rooted in an eternal dedication to quality. At Unholy Blades, the talented artisans' commitment is evident in every stage of the production of our Damascus hunting knives. Using time-tested methods, every knife is painstakingly hand-forged to precision. This hands-on method ensures outstanding endurance and gives each blade a unique visual appeal.

Our Damascus hunting knives are distinguished by their distinctive blade patterning. Every intricate design speaks of the skill and attention to detail of our artisans. These patterns demonstrate the accuracy and skill required in the forging process; they are more than just helpful tools.

Choosing one of our USA-made hunting knives is more than simply getting a tool—you're investing in a work of art that reflects both the timeless brilliance of blade craftsmanship and our steadfast dedication to quality. We have premium-quality hunting knives for sale—contact us now!

Best Hunting Knives Made in USA – Purchase from Unholy Blades!

If you are a hunter, you know that American-made hunting knives are necessary for specific tasks, like skinning an animal after a hunt and preparing the meat. We at Unholy Blades deliver a selection of the best hunting knives made in USA with strong Damascus steel fixed and folding blades.

Professional hunters can use our exceptional Damascus hunting knives crafted by our skilled artisans. We ensure that each hand-forged Damascus hunting knife is solid and long-lasting. Unholy Blades offers a fantastic selection of hunting knives for sale.

The best part is that we offer free shipping to the USA and Canada! You can connect with us at any hour; we are glad to assist you right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best hunting knife brand?

Unholy Blades is known for its in-house Damascus steel manufacturing, the quality of the products, and affordability. Our Damascus hunting knife has sturdy blades, which makes demanding tasks like gutting, skinning, deboning, and removing joints easier. Contact us to buy the best hunting knives online – we are here to assist you.

2. What makes a good hunting knife?

The material and quality of the blade are the most crucial components. An excellent Damascus hunting knife needs to have a robust and sturdy blade that can withstand heavy use. The blade should also have a solid cutting edge and be sharp. Unholy Blades knives have it all, so contact us to buy the finest-quality knives now.

3. How long should a hunting knife be?

The ideal length of any Damascus hunting knife is 3 to 5 inches. You'll have much more control and precision with a smaller blade while using a larger blade merely raises the possibility of accidentally cutting anything. However, we have all types of knives; explore our website to know what we have in our collection to offer you.

4. Which is the best hunting knife to gut a deer?

A knife with a razor-sharp blade and a firm grip is the best to gut a deer. Our Damascus hunting knives have sharp blades with ergonomic handles and are known for their durability and hardness. They are of the finest quality and are best to gut a deer. So, if you are looking for an excellent knife, explore our collection. We are sure you’ll find something you like. For more information, contact us anytime.

5. What Are Hunting Knives Used For?

Hunting knives serve numerous purposes for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Since they were designed primarily for field dressing and processing, they are indispensable for tasks like skinning, gutting, and quartering games. These knives are helpful for many tasks around the campground, including cutting rope, preparing meals, and doing other outdoor chores.

Whether you are looking for Benchmade hunting knives or a clip-point, Unholy Blades has you covered. Visit us now to see our stunning collection and buy the one that better suits your needs.

6. Where To Buy Hunting Knives Near Me

Are you still browsing the best hunting knives near me? The best hunting knives are those made by Unholy Blades. We have outstanding hunting knives with sturdy construction and adaptability; they are an essential tool for everybody who appreciates outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, and other outdoor sports.

See our website to find the best one for you!

7. Who Makes the Best Hunting Knives?

Unholy Blades is known for its exceptional quality and fine craftsmanship. Our designs and excellent materials allow us to combine remarkable aesthetics and endurance effortlessly. Unholy Blades is a brilliant hunting knife option for people who expect the best in terms of functionality and design.

8. What Are the Best Hunting Knives?

Determining the best hunting knife involves considering the user's specific needs and preferences. However, different types of hunting knives are made for distinct purposes, such as drop-point knives, curved blade knives, gut hook knives, clip-point knives, and more.

Brands like Unholy Blades offer a diverse range, ensuring hunters can find the best fit for their unique requirements. Each type of hunting knife combines durability, craftsmanship, and functionality.

You can also find the top-quality buck hunting knives from us—visit our website now!

9. What Angle to Sharpen Hunting Knives?

For hunting knives, the ideal sharpening angle is usually 17 to 20 degrees on either side. This angle provides an edge that is sharp enough for delicate tasks like skinning and sturdy enough to resist the rigors of outdoor use.

For a symmetrical and functional edge, it is imperative to be consistent in your sharpening technique and to give equal attention to all sides. A good sharpening tool and consistent honing of the blade will help keep the hunting knife in top shape for a variety of outdoor chores.