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Damascus Hunting knife

Handmade Damascus Steel Fire Pattern With Stag Crown Handle

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$188.00 USD
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$188.00 USD
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damascus Folding Knife

Damascus Steel Folding Knife with Camel Bone

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$158.00 USD
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$158.00 USD
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Unholy Blades: Where Collector Knives Find New Homes

Ever wondered what makes limited-edition knives so irresistible? Imagine owning blades that aren't just tools but exquisite works of art.

At Unholy Blades, we're here to ignite your passion for collecting, offering knives that blend craftsmanship and creativity.

Ready to explore the world of unique blades? Let's dive into the thrill of limited-edition knives!

Collectors and Limited Edition Knives

This section covers our premium knife collection. These include blades from the following categories:

Collector Knives: Coveted Treasures

Collector knives are like hidden gems for knife enthusiasts. They're not just tools but cherished treasures that collectors worldwide are eager to acquire. We truly understand collectors' passion for these unique knives at Unholy Blades.

Our collection features various collector knives, each carefully chosen to cater to collectors with discerning tastes. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting, our collector knives offer a range of options to explore and add to your growing collection. Start your journey to find these special treasures today at Unholy Blades.

Case Limited Edition Knives: A Cut Above

Case Limited Edition Knives is one category that truly stands out when exploring the world of collector knives. These knives are renowned for their impeccable quality and unique designs, making them highly sought-after by collectors.

At Unholy Blades, we're dedicated to providing a diverse range of collector knives, and our collection includes exceptional Case limited edition knives that cater to the preferences of avid knife enthusiasts.

Whether you're a seasoned collector or just beginning your journey, these knives are a cut above the rest, offering exclusivity and attention to detail that truly sets them apart. Explore our selection to find the perfect addition to your collection today.

Custom Knife Collection: Crafted Just for You

A custom knife collection is a unique and personal endeavor. These knives are tailor-made to match your preferences and style. At Unholy Blades, we offer the option to create your custom knife collection. Work directly with our skilled artisans to design knives that reflect your individuality, ensuring you have a group like no other.

Collector Knives for Sale: Your Chance to Own a Gem

Collector knives for sale are a collector's dream come true. At Unholy Blades, we periodically offer collector knives for sale. These carefully selected pieces present a great opportunity to enhance your collection. Don't miss out on the chance to own a true gem.

Special Edition Knives: Uniqueness Redefined

Special-edition knives are all about exclusivity and character. They can commemorate historical events, feature famous collaborations, or showcase limited production runs with unique attributes.

Unholy Blades is proud to present a variety of special edition knives in our collection, each with its own story to tell. Explore these distinctive blades and add a touch of exclusivity to your collection today.

Unique Knives for Collectors: A Collector's Delight

For collectors, finding unique knives is a thrilling adventure. These knives aren't just tools; they're special pieces of art and history that captivate knife enthusiasts.

At Unholy Blades, we understand the appeal of unique knives for collectors. In our collection, you'll discover a diverse range of knives tailored to collectors' tastes.

Each knife we offer has been handpicked to give collectors something extraordinary, making it a perfect addition to any collector's assortment. Explore our unique knives for collectors and start your journey to find truly one-of-a-kind blades today.

What’s So Special about Our Limited Edition Knives?

Our limited-edition knives take incredible craftsmanship, hard work, and time to see the light of day. We use local artists with stunning talent. Their work reflects in each of the pieces they develop, and you can see that in our collection. Almost all these knives have engraving done on the blade or the handle (even the pins!). The exceptions are the knives with genuine crown stag handles, which are in a league of their own.

One of our most prized categories in this collection is the Rampuri. These ratchet folding knives have a formidable history, and we’re the first in the market to manufacture them for collectors!

So, have a look and choose one for your collection or a gift!

And if you’re a hunter, you may want to browse through our collections of Bowie, hunting, and Damascus Skinning knives!

Final Words

limited edition knives blend art and utility. Craftsmanship, rare materials, and rich stories make them treasures. Collectors value the artistry, view them as investments, and embrace the sense of community.

Unholy Blades, with its diverse collection, adds depth to this passion. Case Limited Edition Knives, custom options, and special editions cater to varying tastes. As you embark on your collecting journey, remember that Unholy Blades is your partner in discovering these remarkable blades. Start your collection today and own a piece of history.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are Unholy Blades knives worth the money?

Absolutely! With Unholy Blades, you will get high-quality blades you can use for a lifetime.

2. Why are Unholy Blades knives so expensive?

At Unholy Blades, we hand-forge each Damascus knife, so they’re all one of a kind. It also takes multiple days to manufacture a single product from start to finish, and all our artisans put all their efforts into the process.

3. What materials do Unholy Blades use for limited edition knives?

For blades, we use Damascus and D2 steel. And for handle materials, we use stag, Vengai wood, ram horn, solid brass, camel bone, copper, buffalo horn, and micarta.

4. Where can I buy Unholy Blades knives?

You can purchase our Damascus knives from our website. Unholy Blades offer numerous categories and styles.

5. How should I sharpen Unholy Blades Knives?

When you purchase knives from Unholy Blades, you’re guaranteed great quality. And when your blade dulls after much use, you can simply use a whetstone to sharpen it just like any other knife.