Exploring the Top Bowie Knives for Knife Enthusiasts

Exploring the Top Bowie Knives for Knife Enthusiasts

It is highly unlikely that you are unaware of Bowie Knives. Even if you are not familiar, we are here to provide all the details about these knives that you want to know. 

What are Bowie Knives?

The history of the Bowie Knives goes back to the nineteenth century. It was the brainchild of the famous soldier, slave, and master knife maker, James Bowie. Bowie introduced it as the one-on-one combat weapon that mesmerized every knife lover and hardcore fighter. 

The knife gained immense popularity when Bowie fought with it in the famous “Sandbar Fight”. That fight not only elevated the knife to new heights but also made James Bowie, an American Hero. 

The knife holds a historic value for the USA. It became a household name for all the combat fighters. Sylvester Stallone’s all-time classic, “First Blood” also shows up as the iconic knife in the movie. 

The knives are made from fixed blades that are usually 11 to 18 inches in length. The blades are as thick and sharp as you can get. The warfare knives come with robust sheaths and perfectly balanced handles. 

The historical knives come with great value. You can keep it for any kind of outdoor activity. It is a great companion for self-defense. You can take it camping, hiking, cutting your salmon fish, hunting, etc. It is a versatile knife that is perfect for all activities. 

What are the options for the best bowie knife?

The classy knife comes under various brands and features. It is not an easy task to pick the best one. We are here reviewing some of the best bowie knife around. So, without any waste of time, we are discussing our best picks. The below bowie knife types will surely win your heart.

Condor Undertaker Bowie Knife

We are starting off our proceedings with the famous Condor Undertaker knife. It comes up with some exciting features like the long and heavy guard. It goes off superbly well with the knife. The walnut handle with catchy gold pins adds to the beauty of the lovely knife. 

The blades are sharp and edgy. The carbon steel blades are handmade and are very strong and functional. It is known as a hunter’s delight as they are fond of cutting any animal with the robust gear. 

The gear is on the heavier side which takes some of the benefits away, but if you are powerful and have strong hands, then you will love this high-quality gear.

The knife is priced around $120-$130. At Amazon, you can get a discounted price that is around $100.  

21 Inch Handmade Damascus Steel Bowie Knife

The classy knife from the unholy blades is a fabulous knife with some amazing design details. The manufacturers have some classy and outstanding knives in their armory. It is a handmade knife that comes with excellent utility to the table. The handmade bowie knives bring their class and value. The Damascus Bowie’s steel ladder pattern not only makes it more appealing but also results in ultra-sharp edges. 

The knife’s overall length is around 21”, while which the blade’s length is 14”. The sheath is made from genuine cow leather stuff that is strong and flawlessly made. Its weight of 1020 gm is just perfect. It is a real deal for those who are doing outdoor activities. The ultimate item for adventure lovers. 

On the unholy blade’s website, the classy knife is available at 215 CAD. 

Bear & Son Cutlery Bowie

It is a classy bowie knife. The total length is 15 inches with 9 inch Damascus steel blade making it a perfect knife for enthusiasts. The Indian stag bone handle gives a killer outlook as well as makes it more functional and enhances the balance of the knife. 

The manufacturer Bear & Son Cutlery is a household name in the knife manufacturing industry. The classy Bowie only further adds to the legacy of the esteemed brand. 

The hunters are in particular fascinated by the sharp and smart Bowie. A brass guard is further added between the blade and the handle. It makes it more safe and beautiful for the user. These are some of the top quality bowie knives that we have discussed above.

What are the options for the best tactical bowie knife?

The warriors and soldiers love their tactical bowie knives. It is their best companion in every situation. Here we are given details of some of the best tactical Bowie stuff around.

Cold Steel SRK (Survival Rescue Knife)

The Cold Steel SRK is a tactical bowie knife tailor-made for difficult situations. It is perfect for the warriors, and soldiers who like to lead on the warfront. The robust stainless steel includes a strong clip-point design that gives the ultimate piercing and slicing ability.  

The steel blade is made up of non-reflective material that makes it ideal for tactical play. With its amazing kraton-made texture handle, you will get the best grip even in wet and rainy situations. The classy sheath gives a great option for carrying along. The gear is not only in high demand with military personnel, but its versatility makes it an ideal choice for every knife lover.

SOG Super Bowie

The SOG Super Bowie gives a perfect blend of traditional elements along with modernity. The slicing and precision ability of the knife is top-notch, thanks to the 7.5-inch long VG-10 stainless steel blade. The handle is made from the stacked leather washer that not only looks stunning but also makes it highly balanced while in hands. 

The gear is made for tough combat situations. As a warrior, it will be your perfect weapon during warfare. The beautiful knife is not only appealing but also comes with great functionality. 

Gerber Strong Arm

Gerber Strong Arm is another classy tactical bowie knife we are highlighting. It is made to work in various environments with superb results. The blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel. It is 4.8 inches in length. The texture rubber handle makes it easy to grip in all environments. You can easily use it in wet conditions. The edges are long-lasting and durable. 

They can easily be sharpened again due to the edge retention steel material.
The sheath gives the luxury to easily carry the stuff wherever you want to take it. The Gerber Strong Arm is a highly successful gear in all kinds of tough situations.

Final Verdict

Unholy Blades are known for the manufacturing of some of the most amazing knives. In the Bowie knife category, the situation is no different. The Damascus Steel Handmade Bowie knife is a high-quality stuff. The Damascus twist pattern not only looks stunning, but it is also sharp and edgy. It gives the best slicing and piercing for the user.

Overall it is a high-quality product from the house of unholy blades. You can also browse through the other Damascus bowie knives from the unholy blades.



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