Mastering the Art of Hunting: The Must-Have Knives for Every Hunter

Mastering the Art of Hunting: The Must-Have Knives for Every Hunter

If you like doing outdoor activities, then a knife is a must-have gear in your armory. Now, the question is what kind of knife you need.

If you are a hunter, then you just can’t travel without having a few classy hunter knives. They will take care of all the slicing, and chopping activity after you have hunted down an animal. Apart from these basic activities, you will be doing some secondary tasks like camping, self-defense, and cutting rope.

If you have a good hunting knife it must not be bulky and heavy. It should be small, functional, and have sharp edges. It will help you quickly cut the meat of the dead animal. The balance should be good so that it cannot result in any hand injury.

Best Hunting Knives

In this article, we will guide you to the best hunting knives around, especially in the USA. These knives are masterpieces from the brands. They are nothing short of a gift for the hunters. They are robust, sleek, classy, and have sharp edges. All the best attributes are combined and result in these good hunting knives.

With these knives, you can cut down your hunted animal in a few minutes. Such are the brilliant features of these wonderful hunting knives.

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Without any further delay, let’s start exploring the best hunting knives.

Best Hunting Knife: Montana Knife Company Stonewall Skinner

The competition for finding out the best hunting knife is getting stiffer. The MKC Stonewall Skinner is undoubtedly one of the best knives for hunters. It is a premium brand made from the top quality magnacut steel blade. The manufacturer Montana Knife is known for high-quality knives. Stonewall Skinner is an amazing knife tailor-made for hunters.

The founder of the Montana Knife, Josh Smith has been in the industry for many years now. He passed the blade smith test when he was just 15. At the age of 19, he became the master. From the hunters to the collectors, everyone is fond of the artistry and blades of Josh Smith.

The hunting knife has some exceptional specs. Along with the Magnacut steel blade, it possesses a 5.5 oz. weight and an overall length of 9.25’’. The blade length is measured as 4.75’’.

The versatile blade shape and the classy ergonomics will make you a fan of the MKC Stonewall Skinner. It has sharp blades to give the perfect cutting to the meat. The handle not only looks fantastic but is easy to grip and convenient for cleaning as well. The $325 price is nothing compared to the utility and smart features it brings to the table.

Best deer hunting knife: Bench made 15700 Flyway

If you are fond of deer hunting, then this sharp edge Bench made 15700 Flyway will be your best companion on a hunting mission. It has unbelievable specs for an outdoor knife. The steel CPM-154 at 58-61 HRC is a robust steel that enhances the knife’s blade quality to the next level. It has great edge retention and the edges don’t get rough easily.

With a blade length of 2.7 inches, and thickness of 3/32, makes it perfect for deer hunting, cutting, and slicing. It is a lightweight gear with a weight of just 2.1 ounces, so you will be able to perform your cutting work with great convenience.

The blade is sharp enough to cut the deer’s skin. It will be able to perform the best undercuts on the skin. It is a small blade with a lot of belly around. This makes it the best option for skinning.

The G10 handle gives the best hand grip while cutting. The best thing is that due to the grip and balance, the knife didn’t easily slip away from the hand. It avoids any chances of cuts and bruising while doing the job.

At $180, the Bench made 15700 is the best deer knife for every deer hunter.

Best fixed blade hunting knife: Bench made Altitude Fixed Blade Knife

Our search for quality hunting knives continues. Altitude is undoubtedly one of the best fixed-blade hunting knives. The specs are amazing for a hunting knife. The S90V steel blades are robust and sharp. They are ready to cut any animal in a few moments.

The minimal design knife weighs 1.6 oz., and overall length of 7.38’’. It has a blade length of just 3.08’’, but it is sharp and functional. The hunters love the lightweight knife for the utility it brings. You can process your elk, deer, or any large-sized animal you have hunted down.

With a price tag of just $200, it is a demanding item for every hunter.

Best handmade hunting knife: Montana Black Foot Knife Company 2.0

If you are looking for handmade hunting knives, then the Black Foot 2.0 will not disappoint you. The USP of the Blackfoot 2.0 is in its ergonomics. It is very comfortable in the hand and provides a natural grip. You don’t have to force into a specific kind of grip. It gives the best of grips while making the initial cut into the animal’s skin. The G10 handle adds value to the wonderful grip that the knife possesses.

The strong and smooth blades are made of top-notch 52100 steel. It is time-tested steel and it has been in use since 1940. This makes the blades highly durable and long-lasting. It is heartening to see that companies are going for the traditional type of steel. The best part is that

Montana Knife Company provides a time-sharpening facility. With this sharp knife, you will be responsible for cutting the animal from the field to your cooking facility in no time.

With the price of $300, it is real value for the money. As it is a very long-lasting item. We are sure that even your grandchildren will be cutting down their first deer hunt in the future.


In this informative article, we have gone through the design details of some of the Best Hunting Knives in the business. We have discussed the specifications and the functionality of the Stonewall Skinner from the Montana Knife. For the best deer hunting knife, we have chosen the Bench made 15700 Flyway. Benchman Attitude is the best one from the fixed blade category.

In the end, we have summed up our article with the Black Foot 2.0 as the Best Handmade Hunting Knife for hunters. 


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